Geyser Installations In Randburg

Professional Plumbing And Geyser Installations In Randburg

Geyser installation in Randburg are not really ideal for the do it yourself enthusiast. The installation process is not as simple as plugging the geyser in and connecting it to a water supply. First you need to get the geyser into your roof cavity. Even the smallest geysers are rather bulky and heavy and you won’t just be able to fit it through the small entrance to the inside of your ceiling. Professional geyser installations teams normally remove some of your roof tiles and then hoist the geyser into the ceiling cavity.

It is important to ensure that the team providing you with geyser installation in Randburg removes your current geyser before hoisting up the new geyser. You will also need to make sure that the geyser installations team you use has experience in both the electrical and plumbing aspects of installing a geyser. A geyser needs to be connected directly to your power supply with a separate switch in your power distribution box. This will give you the ability to switch the geyser on and off as you please.

In the same way, your geyser needs to be connected directly into your water supply through a range of internal plumbing and pipes. Get your geyser installation experts to check these pipes to ensure that they are leak proof and that they are in good condition before installing the geyser. If your plumbing is deteriorating, this is a good time to have your pipes replaced. Make sure that the installation team uses only the latest in plumbing technology when replacing these pipes. CPVC or ABS pipes are the best to deal with the flow of hot water and are durable and tough.

For professional geyser installations in Randburg with a minimum of hassle and fuss, you can simply contact us.

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