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If you are planning to do some renovating and plumbing will be involved in the scope of work it is often better to get a professional in to advise you on whether you will need plumbing services or not. As your plumbing is one of the most important aspects of your home, don’t give into the temptation of simply glossing over it. Make sure it’s done well and done correctly or you’ll pay for it down the road. If you are good at DIY there is a lot you could probably do yourself. Plumbing tasks can be anything from putting in a new faucet to laying new pipes. Most of these tasks aren’t as hard as you may think..
While they are not always hard, plumbing can take a lot of time so if you’re not a patient person, you’re probably better off letting the professional handle it.

Bathroom Plumbing

Not being able to have a bath or worse still flush the toilet is very frustrating and let’s face it - potentially  very unpleasant.  When there is a problem with your bathroom plumbing you need to sort it out quickly and stop it happening again.

You need to be aware that bathroom drains are most often clogged with a combination of hair and soap scum. The hair itself doesn't pose much of a problem—when soap isn’t an issue, hair just slides down the drain. But the products we all use in the bathroom sink, shower and tub are laden with oils, waxes, and other substances that gum up inside the drain. Often in old houses sewerage systems can be very sensitive – so the disposal of anything else apart from toilet paper can also lead to unnecessary bathroom plumbing problems.

Drain Cleaning

If your DIY drain cleaning techniques have not worked – you’ve tried the plunger, you’ve done your home ready and use store-bought chemicals and still nothing - then it’s best to leave the drain cleaning to the professionals.

Unless you're confident in your abilities to dismantle and succesfully re-mantle the plumbing system attached to your sink or bath, avoid tinkering with the pipes and possibly making the problem worse.
You need to contact plumbing professionals. They help with the drain cleaning as well as you give you advice on how to avoid clogged drains in the future. But always remember to shop around and get quotes and check that the plumber you use is professional and licensed.

Kitchen Plumbing

There is nothing more frustrating than a clogged kitchen drain. In a double sink you let the plug out one side and the water gurgles back out the other. And all the while the plates mount up.

When it comes to kitchen plumbing you need to know that a clogged kitchen sink drain usually begins with a buildup of kitchen grease, which melts just fine in soapy water but then hardens on its way out of the sink, settling in layers on the inside wall of the drain. Other odds and ends—coffee grounds, bits of eggshell, the occasional smidgen of potato—find their way into the drain and become trapped in the greasy buildup, first slowing, then clogging the drain entirely with a blockage. If you can dispose of these problem substances properly then you will probably have hassle free kitchen plumbing.


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