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Don’t Get Scammed: Know How To Find A Good Plumber In Randburg
It’s amazing how many chancers there are out there – guys who will advertise services they are not equipped to handle. The same can be said when looking for a plumber in Randburg. They will advertise their services, but can they do the job?
The best way to find a plumber in any area, including Randburg, is to go by word of mouth. Speak to friends, neighbours and family. There isn’t a better testimonial than the evidence of a job well done!
How To Know You Have A Dud
So you’ve got a plumbing emergency – there’s water everywhere, and you’ve called a plumber in Randburg to come help. How do you know they are up for the job? How do you know they are not going to make the situation worse and cost you a fortune in damages and headaches? Here are a few tips to help select a good plumber:

  1. Emergency hours – A good a reliable plumbing service will be able to assist you at any time. Emergencies don’t keep office hours and a reliable plumber will be there in a flash, day or night, to assist.
  2. Wide range of services – Imagine a pilot who can only fly one type of plane – crazy right? A good plumber will be able to handle any plumbing job. Leaking pipes, burst geysers, blocked toilets, blocked pipes and renovations are some of the many jobs a good plumber should be able to handle easily and effectively.
  3. Price – a good plumber will not waste your time and his – then charge you an arm and a leg for it. Good, reliable plumbers will charge you a fair rate for good quality work. Don’t be scammed with an exorbitant rate to change a washer.

Know these tips when looking for a plumber in Randburg and you’ll save yourself time, money and headaches.

Diagnose The Plumbing Problem With The Help Of A Plumber In Randburg There are plumbers for every area, so when you’re calling a plumber in Randburg it helps to know roughly what the problem could be. It doesn’t hurt to educate yourself a little when it comes to plumbing and will help save time when you call a professional plumber.
A good a reliable plumber will come prepared, but by diagnosing the problem you could save on costs if the plumber charges an hourly rate. The information could also help you solve the problem yourself.
Plumbing Checklist: Common Problems Faced By A Plumber In Randburg
There are some common problems a plumber will see on a near daily basis. That doesn’t mean it’s an everyday occurrence to you. Here’s a handy checklist of common plumbing problems for you to diagnose.

  • Slow drainage – nearly one hundred percent of the time slow drainage is due to a clog. The clog could be in the sink or in the pipes, forcing the water to rise.
  • Leaky toilet – when your toilet leaks, try to see where the leak is coming from. Most times it will be from the tank and means that the seals or a part in the tank might need replacing.
  • Burst geyser – this one is easily identifiable by the streams of water running down your wall. If a geyser bursts it will displace the water into the roof, where it will leak into the house.
  • Rattling pipes – this one sound scary, but when your pipes rattle and make a big noise, it’s mostly due to the fact that they have come loose or not properly secured in the walls or roof.
  • Hot water issues – sometimes you may experience a loss of hot water when another tap is switched on. This means your hot and cold pressures are not balanced.

It’s handy to know these common problems when looking for a plumber in Randburg It helps you understand the problems and save on time and even cost.

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